Guenter, DL2AWG

Guenter, DL2AWG

Hans, DL6JGN

Hans, DL6JGN







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TOKELAU DXpedition 2013

Nukunonu (IOTA OC-048)


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The DXpedition is now over and we went QRT at 21:10 UTC on 28th April 2013 with 14.622 QSOs in the log.

Band CW SSB RTTY Total
160m 1 1 0 2
30m 632 0 191 823
20m 1401 1680 822 3903
17m 1160 1600 412 3172
15m 1209 1197 655 3061
12m 1127 682 81 1890
10m 877 840 54 1771
Totals 6407 6000 2215 14622

We are now back in Germany, after a 3 day long sea voyage on the vessel PB Matua (not comfortable) and additional 3 days for flights via New Zealand and Singapore to Germany.

The finale log were uploaded to Clublog and the OQRS System in Clublog is running for direct and bureau QSLs.

We give our warm thanks to Zak Patelesio and his family for the kind hospitality at their guesthouse, Te Mahina (The Moon). Our special thanks to Atsu 5W1SA, to Werner Kappus in Apia and to all our helpers.
We are very gratefull to all our sponsors who made this DXpedition possible.

BTW: We left all ANTENNAS on Tokelau. If someone is interested to go and operate from Tokelau just drop us an E-Mail and we are happy to advise.


We (Guenter, DL2AWG and Hans, DL6JGN) are glad to inform you that our small group will be on from Nukunonu - Tokelau Islands (IOTA OC-048). The operate period is of April 25th to May 8th 2013.

The coordinates: 09o12'02'' S, 171o50'53'' W

Nukunonu is a group of coral islets within Tokelau in the south Pacific Ocean. Covering 5.5 km², it is the largest of the three islands that constitute Tokelau, and is composed of an atoll surrounding a central lagoon, which itself covers some 90 km².

Nukunonu foto_DL2AH

Guenter, DL2AWG

Born 1952, licensed 1974 (as DM3ZCK). Other calls used: ZK1AWG, 3D2AW, A35WG, 5W0GW, FG/DL2AWG, J79WG, FM/DL2AWG, S79GG, YJ0AWG, TI7/DL2AWG, TI9KK, H44WG, 6W/DL2AWG

Hans, DL6JGN

Born 1947, licensed 1968 (as DM5XBN). Other calls used: DM2FGN, Y26GN, TX9, 5H1GHW, 3D20CR, E51M.

Activity will be on 80- 10 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. We using a TS590 with a Tokyo Hy-Power solid state amp; AV620 and GPs for 30, 40 and 80m.
Subject to a reliable Internet connection, we will upload the log to Clublog on a daily basis. Otherwise the complete log will be uploaded upon our return.
QSL via DL2AWG (OQRS, direct, bureau).